Mission statement:   The waging of LOVE.


Romans 15:1  "We then that are strong aught to bear the infirmities of the weak and not to please ourselves."


WE do...  because we can, and because it is right to do so.






1) As God's children it is our purpose to live modestly, work hard, do good business, share with and care for our fellow humans and to always seek ways to fulfill the positive and prosperous future for our people, across the earth, the galaxy and across the universe, as such, is the ultimate destiny of human kind, as the children of God.


2) To find ways to house, care for, rehabilitate, train, educate, employ, and graduate (graduate = Rehabilitated out of communes, and back into working class society.) any and all humans who for whatever reason find themselves alone, and in need of the love that only family can provide.

     WE, are that family, and it is our mission, that through our efforts, the foundations will be built and the logistics networks established in order to facilitate the building of many fully self sufficient, self supporting,  self maintaining and operating, large scale organized religious communes, and local community churches, to catch all who fall for whatever reasons.


3) To work hard, and efficiently and effectively as a military army of solders to solve for poverty and homelessness where others fail.  The difference between this army and other armies being that we do not use deadly weapons, and we do not wage war.  We wage LOVE, and we use the most powerful weapons in the universe, which are LOVE, LOGIC, REASON, and COMPASSION.    Against which, there is no defense.







A faith “in practice” following Jesus, for our God, the creator and all mighty lord of all the boundless heavens…




   What has been missing, is the “intrinsic” understanding of family, where in we all work together as a family, and pool our money for the benefit of the whole. Where we are all permanent members by God our father and so long as we do our share, or in the case of the disabled, that they try as they are able.  Like true brothers and sisters, we take care of each other. Each of us.. Each day… That is what all people want…. Family… Security… To belong to something good, and greater than themselves… Something Important… Something that Matters.   They need love.   The love of family.   The love that humanity, as a family under God should be showing to them…   These are simple globally religious concepts which no one can deny, yet most find impossible to make workable.  All it requires is faith.  A faith not specifically in any form of religion, but in realizing that each of us is more valuable than all the gold within all of space, for it is only our souls which may have value to God and be preserved forever, and it should be our duty to ensure that each and every soul has as many good memories as possible before death takes them, and as few cold lonely sad painful moments as possible. Thus, the overall quality of our souls is improved, so as to be collected by our lord God.


    Following, as should be clear, acts of evil are ungodly, and those who engage in evil, shall earn their reward, which is rejection from perfection in Heaven.    (Otherwise known as banishment to hell.)




    Whenever a human falls, humanity in brotherhood should be there to pick them up again.




     The two greatest laws, are to love our God, and to love our neighbors as thyself, and it is in this way, that the church is organized to be able to do exactly that.   Not by forcing conversions or demanding beliefs, but by showing love, and embracing all as family.