There is arguably only one god, and in today's world most world religions compete and live in conflict with each other, even thought they all generally claim to love and worship the one god, as even Hindus are most often willing to say that what they call gods are actually aspects or parts of what others may call the one god, and that Hindu gods are simply representations of what are parts of the one universal god concept, and that as cosmic forces are to be understood rather than directly worshipped as the one true god, which would as such a god, exist outside the confines of our time and space, and as such is not limited to such laws as are found for this universe, and is in fact the creator of all such universal laws within this spatial universe.

  One thing is clear, and that is that our one god, provided all humans with religions which have tended towards the one god concept, and as no one of any religion can prove that their religion is absolute truth and that other religions are false, a rational mind must recognize that the one god probably provided for all these many religions concerning the one god, so that in the long term, that we can all have the detailed discussion about the one god, so that we all can sit side by side, and consider the evidence and the facts concerning nature, and our many scriptures, so as to reach over time an understanding about the one god.  Or, god has not been involved in our world religions, and it is simply our natural human tendency to seek the creator and religions are the foundation and result of doing that.


   Therefore our view of god, as an understanding about or concerning god, cannot honestly be explained or fully understood by the words of human kind, or even the advancements of our sciences, as our god exists outside the limits of our spatial universe, and therefore exists outside the limits of our universe's natural laws, and as such is beyond our species ability to fully comprehend, as we are life forms which reside here in this limited universe, and are limited by natural laws, and god wrote those laws.


   The Empirical Order of God's Children is basically the functioning body of the Empirical Church which is the mind, and exists to unify all world religions under the umbrella of science, and to allow and provide for the long term discussion of our one god, our creator, and while the answers may never be found, we can and should discuss it, in peace and harmony for the next 10 billion years, or until we reach the outer boundaries of space itself, and are able to physically leave our space-time and join god in the outer god plane, which, may take our species a very long time to achieve.


   The Empirical Order, is a Church, a Mosque, a Temple, a religious center, dedicated to providing the neutral playing field for the discussion of god, world religions,  science and the nature of reality, so as to bring us closer together with each other, nature and our creator, our god.  In other words, we make no distinction between Church and Mosque or Temple, they are houses of Worship for the contemplation of creation, the creator, and our submission to god, our worship of god, and the organization of our intended service to our god, and the term used to describe these meeting places would simply be a matter of local interests, but since the religious organization is designed to unify all world religions and allow for their study side by side, it does not matter what we call the building, for either way it is a house of god, and the important distinction is that it be labeled as Empirical to signify its cooperation with the Empirical Order, and that it follows the guidelines, procedures, and founding principles of the order.


  This website, and the entire effort is organized as a church, for the simple reason that Church only means a meeting place, and Jesus is predicted to return to judge the world both in Christianity and Islam, and it would be best if we take seriously his value and worth as the perfect role model for all human kind to follow for when he returns, our behavior regarding him will be measured.  Therefore it is the goal of this ORDER to build the kingdom of heaven now, and build his throne now, so that when he returns he will find his throne polished and ready, and that humankind has listenned and has perfected itself in his image in service to our father the lord god in our attempt to show ourselves as being his worthy children.


  We are all one family, as god's children, and we should not be in conflict about the one god.


   There is only one god, and we should act and work as family, as brothers under our father which is in heaven.


    Together, we can begin to obey our god, and bring prosperity to this troubled world.


                          Join with us, and help us transform this world.