It is arguable that there is only one god, and in today's world most world religions compete and live in conflict with each other, even thought they all generally claim to love and worship the one god, as even Hindus are most often willing to say that what they call gods are actually aspects or parts of what others may call the one god, and that Hindu gods are simply representations of what are parts of the one universal god concept, and that as cosmic forces are to be understood and called upon as part of god rather than directly worshipped as the one true god, which would as such a god, exist outside the confines of our time and space, and as such is not limited to such laws as are found for this universe and it's cosmic forces since God would in fact be the creator of all such universal laws and forces within this spatial universe.

  One thing is clear, and that is that our one God  provided all humans with religions which have tended towards the one God concept, and as no one of any religion can prove that their religion is absolute truth and that other religions are false, a rational mind must recognize that the one God probably provided for all these many religions concerning the one God, so that in the long term, that we can all have the detailed discussion about the one God, so that we can all sit side by side, and consider the evidence and the facts concerning nature, and our many scriptures, so as to reach over time an understanding about the one God.    


 The Empirical church is fundamentally founded on one belief that should be acceptable to people of all faiths and cultures :

“Where there is charity and love, God is there!”

   Such that it should be the daily effort of all humanity to by their will and effort commit acts of charity and love whenever possible, for in doing so we increase the level of good and joy and prosperity in our world, and so, it can be literally said that the level of God's presence is directly increased, and is therefore directly a function of our will to be godly.


   Someday, Jesus will return, and on that day it would be much better if the kingdom of God was already built and his throne polished and ready, therefore it is our intention to literally build it all and prove ourselves worthy as followers of Jesus, and humble children of our creator the lord God almighty.