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The following image was draw by my own hand, being Mosheh, and represents, as well as I am able, a description of the theory.

My proposals are based around the idea of a natural progressive dimensional pattern of formation for our universe as space and time and matter.

This image shows a potential pattern for consideration, which suggests 16 dimensions, while in theory we may consider and discuss potentially upto 28 dimensions. Below is illustrated a simple natural progressive rise pattern for dimensional motions and transitions of state on a spatial ether, as a transindental fluid, which condescends to obey certain natural laws set forth by the variable quality of the applied energy, as force, in the development process of universal formation.

The texts which follow will be my attempt to make sense of this image to you, so that you may precieve its use and value and how it clearly relates to many religious and spiritual considerations which I have found can only serve to strenghtens ones faith in a God of some kind, and does so with honest theoretical perspectives on real established empirical evidense, in other words, all of modern science.

Hence the Reason for an Empirical church.... Because my personal faith is derived through science and made clear with theory, which is based in very real evidense. It is my belief that there is every, every, every good reason to believe in a God of somekind, based on the evidense.

I discovered, that the proposed dimensional progressive pattern fits very nicely with the very pattern found in Genesis chapter one, and more than this, theory was developed by examination of the evidense, and it is my belief, because, I have found that the evidense overall tends towards suggesting the application of energy from an outside source, since the idea of internal storage as from a big crunch, is extremely problematic to even consider with any seriousness.

This source of applied energy would then be a God of some kind. Hence my faith which is based in evidense and organised into clarity by the highly complex yet simple theory I will now attempt to explain.

(Special NOTE : As you read this you will come to the section regarding atoms, and nucleons, and you will notice that I propose simply solid nucleon cores, which is fitting with this here description of a 4 circle rise patterm and 16 dimensions, however, such is not written in stone, and as an abundance of evidence suggests nucleons are piles of Nuetrons and Protons, I accept that such may very well be the case, such that, in the 11th dimension, when the nucleon core mass explodes, and forms the solar system, that explosion is likely to of been in the form of a mass nuetron emmision, and as we all know, nuetrons will decay in 12 seconds to form a proton and an electron, and as such, such a 11th dimensional expansion, or explosion, would result in a nuetron cloud, which quickly decays into protons, and in that jumble, these protons and nuetrons, would likely combine and form the various atoms which we know of today. So, while my given proposal of solid nucleons, may be completely wrong, this does not damage or infer that Theory as a whole is wrong, in fact both senarios fit quite nicely, and there is no major conflict.
However, this kind of discussion, would be found in a larger discussion of upto 7 circle rises, and 28 dimensions, which would then also suggest various levels of complexity within the realm of photons and magnetic and electrical forces, which are as yet un-seen, and the author, myself, chooses to keep these consideration to myself, as propriortory knowledge to be used in research and development in my own laboratories. Yet for those of you with the skills and knowledge to do so, you should be able to quickly infer exactly what I mean by various levels of complexity in the realm of the sub atomic, meson, and photon realm.)


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