If you have met one of our solicitors and been given one of our pamphlets congradulations and thank you for your help in the never ending battle against homelessness and hunger.   It is likely the solicitor you met was at this time actually homeless and was recruited in an effort to fund their rise out of homelessness and your donations are not only directly funding our large scale efforts, but also directly helping that person in need and we are most grateful.


    These operations would be over time self funding by allowing for the labors and donation fund raising capacity of the organization to be directly used to buy the various land and lots and buildings to be used for expanding this charity organization by self promoting from within, and preventing corruption and cost overhead from excess salaries for upper management.  For as should be obvious the goal of building local community churches is highly limited and cannot hope to deal with the vast numbers of people with often special needs, and consideration for circumstances, and to deal with these large numbers a larger communal housing system is required to be built and run by the same leadership of the church as a direct function of the church and order, which is to serve God by serving God's children and helping those in most need.




   Additional text may be available on most subjects considered worthy of organizing regular summary texts for, and for those interested more extensive quarterly financial records shall be made available here online.  Each platoon of recruited personnel, may have it's own sub-domain pages, and as much information about them as they feel willing to provide to the public, otherwise they work as a family team and maybe designated by Platoon titles only.


    In The course of time, many large and small booklets and pamphlets shall be produced and made available here for listing, download and donations. However at this time, there is only TWO. 



 Which is a basic outline guide for starting and running a daily campaign to organize and build a house of God. 



This additional book is too large to be used for solicitation, and is only available online.

An autographed copy of the full text of this book can be made available for large  online donations.

-------  UNIVERSAL STATICS: A TRUTH IN POTENTIAL :   GOD THEORY   (It is available here for free)