The foundations of membership are based on answering three simple questions.

1)  Do you believe in, and love God?  (a creator)
2)  Do you believe all humans are God's children?


3)  Would you, will you, work for and serve God?

To be a member one must simply answer yes to the first two questions, as doing so designates one as one of Gods children, and a member of humanity.    To become a ranking member of the church and it's many organizations would require a YES answer to question number three, however the public and people in general need not answer YES to question number three in order to use church services and be a public member in association with the Church, it's brotherhood and Order.
    However, any humans who cannot answer YES to the first two questions would have no business using Church services as all such services are designed to serve God, promote God, study God, and show our love for God.   Also it is only those who can honestly say yes to numbers 1, 2, and 3, that can become members of the CHURCH LEADERSHIP, as described by the EMPIRICAL ORDER.
     It is in this way that Satanists and Atheists can be converted if they are willing to say the words, and begin their new studies.

Church membership :     When a church opens in your neighborhood all the public would be welcome to use it's services and laboratory section under limited restrictions, as well as potentially recieve assistance when in need.   Those who locally make use of these churches would as such be church members but would not be under any obligation to do anything other than making small donations as they see fit and otherwise when visiting.    see --   CHURCH


Donor member :     Donor members, are those who may or may not use the local churches, and do not live within the communes, but out of faith, love and chairty choose to support our efforts by making considerable tax deductable donations, and as such would be given the respect and appreciation they deserve.   Limited by law to intangleble benefits this religious organization can provide to any individual such as access to the ear of leadership and potentially having places and things named after them, and most importantly the loving thanks of all those they have helped.

Private :   (Disciples)  A Private is a person in need who joins the Brotherhood, who is willing to work or vollunteer, but who is not willing or able to take on responsiblity and leadership positions, and is as such given a rank of Private designating him or her a private person, whom if they show honest effort to work in some fashion are worthy of a private room, with a private toilet / shower, but is otherwise limited in their resource access, but are given ample opportunities to advance, work, save and afford acquiring the things they need or desire which are not provided by the church.

Ranking membership :   (Ministers in training)   Ranking membership is for those who are willing and able to take on the responsibility of leading the organization and running it's many efforts.  Rank ranges from Seargent, to General and follow the general rank pattern of the US army but without weapons.  Ranking members are never granted increased pay when promoted, however the size of their alotted housing is increased in appreciation of their training and willingness to take on the role of running the entire organization.  The maximum size limit of housing being set by the Avatar general, the founder, as being seven fifty three foot cargo containers, being equal to the size of a small middle class home for the top most ranking personel, generals, and susequently smaller housing for lower and lower ranks. 
   All Ranking personel must be trained upward from the botton to run and operate and lead each and every aspect of the organization, it's businesses and accounting practices, so that as expansion occurs and the need arises, a trained General can travel the world and be competent to train all personel to service all ranking positions and their job descriptions and protocols, to build a new church and brotherhood where ever it may be needed.


    The only question you have to ask yourself, is how do you, or could you get involved to help your fellow species work to solve for it's future and destiny.  YOU know what you can do, and we humbly ask that you do what you are able to do to help us, in whatever form that may take.