BYLAWS OF : THE EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY




Section 1: The name of the organization shall be The Empirical Church of Humanity, and may be written as THE EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY.

Section 2: The Empirical Church Of Humanity is organized exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific and educational purposes, most specifically to end homelessness, poverty and needless suffering, and to bring enlightenment and prosperity through science to all the world and in so doing, ensure the long term survival of all human kind. 

Section 3: The EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY shall be limited to HOLDING TITLE OF and funding the purchase of lands for building structures to serve as fully operational church branch locations and or massive communal housing centers, and to train the personnel to professionally run autonomous local community churches, and large scale housing centers and do the lords work of showing charity and love. No funds may be spent on any business investments unless they are based around job training / educational efforts for member recruits or towards providing to any local community these free services which may include actual jobs as possible, but all business efforts must be limited to only employing homeless people in need and training them, and so always serving to fight homelessness, and joblessness. The only exception to this rule is the purchase of land to be used for very large HOSPICE HOMES (for Ranking members from Private to Generals only), which should be located in natural locations of great beauty, along the beach, mountains, rivers, fields, and otherwise focused on having fantastic views for the abundant people who will for a short period of time live there in their last weeks, or months or even years. The individual must be allowed to choose their place of death however if they cannot fund and travel and do it on their own, then the church MAY offer AS IT IS ABLE, nice full service pre-planned environmental options as a reward for their efforts and devotion to the family of God.

Section 4:  The EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY is the global watch dog over all spending by all affiliated groups, bases, ORDERS, and CHURCHES, and is lead by the Avatar General or otherwise A Global Commander General to hold command functions over THE EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY, and all local church or base branch locations and their incorporations by all being chaired by A COMMANDER GENERAL who sits on the Board of Director Generals in order to BE ABLE TO enact re-organization, dissolution and re-distribution of all sub-CHURCH locations and or all EMPIRICAL ORDER base assets as needed due to cause, or otherwise. A Commander General then organizes and trains all members of all created corporations to become GENERALS to run each location on their own after being delegated command functions over each facility with very clear job descriptions in writing. 

Section 5:  The operations of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY shall be governed by these BYLAWS, while the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN shall be governed by the Constitution which accompanies these BYLAWS (with perhaps over time multiple bylaws written for multiple incorporations created by the ORDER, ALL OF WHICH MUST ADOPT THE SAME pay and compensation limits and 50/50 mandate and employ only recruited EMPIRICAL ORDER members as workers.), and they should be forever associated together to clearly define the operation and mission purposes of all organizations in service to the lord creator.




Section 1: Membership shall consist of all humanity who can claim to believe in God, love God, and wish to live their lives in service to God. 

Section 2: As members their level of leadership, management, responsibility and accountability is designated by rank in an EMPIRICAL MILITARY ORDER, created as the organized body of membership WITHIN EACH NATION.

Section 3: The EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY shall have a Board of Director Generals (also referred to as Board of Director Commander Generals) consisting of the AVATAR GENERAL (CEO), or otherwise Global Commander General and an executive committee of approximately seven to thirty two appointed Generals, and up to 170 Commander Generals (one from each nation), which as a BOARD exists and operates as separate and distinct from the command rank structure of the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN it creates WITHIN EACH NATION. The EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY organizes AND GIVES BIRTH TOO the many ORDERS, sub-organizations, sub-corporations, and affiliated Church locations it is mandated to construct, and does oversight, asset management, and is the main CORE corporation which holds title to all land assets for long term saving, protection and eventual investment into expansion protocols, and allowing THE EMPIRICAL ORDER in all it's forms to create and run distinct separate corporate organizations USING CHURCH LAND to operate various job training / disciple employment programs. 

Section 4: Board members are forbidden from sitting on the Board of Director Commander Generals of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY while also serving on or in the executive committee, or Board or leadership for any other organization secret or otherwise, except the Commander General who is elected to do exactly that and keep both connected. 

Section 5: All ranking members of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMNAITY, it's Board members, or any member of the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN within any nation, are all forbidden from USING USURY and or receiving any income as funds or material goods in any way derived from usury.

Section 6:  The Board shall consist of an executive committee and elected Commander Generals from each nation in which the EMPIRICAL ORDER has expanded too and requires EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY REPRESENTATION. In the absence of the Avatar General, a Global Commander General shall be elected from all sitting Commander Generals. The Avatar General and or Global Commander General may appoint as needed any and all assistive workers and trainees as needed to serve as accounting and logistical support for Board members.  The Avatar General and any Commander General as well as any operational Generals are all also allowed one personal assistant (ideally a spouse who can be always trusted) to increase and otherwise help maintain their productive capacity.




Section 1: An annual in person meeting shall be held at a designated time and place by all members of the Board of Director Commander Generals.  

Section 2: Special meetings may be called by the Avatar General, global Command General or the executive committee.

Section 3: Notice. Notice of each mandatory monthly meeting shall not be given(video conferencing may be used), and failure to be there on time shall not be tolerated unless otherwise excused before hand by having given five day notice to the executive committee of a reasonable and accepted excuse.  

Section 4:  Each mandatory monthly meeting shall be held on the last day of each calender month, and shall begin at 8am USA pst for a four hour secret meeting till noon and continues as a public meeting until all business is concluded.

Section 5: Special Meetings. Special meeting shall be called by the Avatar General or Global Commander General alone, or the Executive committee. Notices shall be sent out to all Board members no less than 72 hours before said meeting. Special meetings notice called forth must be by phone, as such all Director Commander Generals must be available by phone 24 hours a day or risk removal.

Section 6: The Board shall have powers to set forth committee formation, funding, dissolution, membership, meeting times and places and standards of operation for all committees formed to lead oversight over any and all Church and Order efforts, and to make changes as needed. It is the purpose of forming all Commander Generals into one Board of Director Generals, that ensures uniformity of standards in constitutions, protocols and respect in leadership across international lines.  

Section 7: Quorum. A quorum must be attended by no less than 100% of Board members, with video conferencing being considered acceptable(FOR NON-SENSITIVE MEETINGS) before business can be transacted or motions made or passed. Open debate discussions may be held until 100% attendance is had, and those who delay a conference shall be in jeopardy of removal by the Global Commander General or a majority of other members who are left waiting.

Section 8: The purpose of these Board meetings is to organize the funds each Commander General in each nation funnels into the Empirical Church of Humanity being 50% of the gains of the EMPIRICAL ORDER in each nation. These funds being long term investment funds to either buy land and build churches and communal housing systems, or otherwise lead expansion programs by developing affordable sub-orbit, low orbit, and lunar orbit capabilities. Using the combined funds provided by EMPIRICAL CHURCHES and EMPIRICAL ORDERS from all nations, to build things each nation can then use following behind our expansion programs to lunar colonization and beyond.




Section 1: BOARD ROLE, MEMBERSHIP, SIZE. The Board is responsible for the overall policy and direction of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY and EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN for which it delegates responsibility for regulating oversight of day to day operations to that nations Commander General. Membership to the Board of Director Commander Generals shall be limited to trained and promoted Generals of rank in the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN who by their long term efforts have proven themselves worthy to be trusted to have the highest level of command by being trusted to watch over the assets and money of all affiliated corporations, CHURCHES, ORDERS, GROUPS, BASES and otherwise all operations within a nation.
  The Board shall have no less than one member (The founder CEO, AVATAR GENERAL), and no more than approximately 170 members. A nine to thirty two member executive committee (CEO+ eight top Generals) must all be of a Generals rank and shall be appointed by the Avatar General or otherwise the Global Commander General for life long positions who can only be removed for cause by a 75% majority vote of the entire Board. Commander Generals as they are trained and appointed to run campaigns within each nation shall also have a seat on the Board of Director Commander Generals and serve as the direct line connection to all national efforts. There may be as many Commander Generals as there are nations of humans within this solar system.

Section 2: ELECTIONS. Election of the nine to thirty two appointed executive committee Board of Director Generals members is for life and shall be by the Avatar General alone, or by the Global Commander General with 3/4 majority vote approval of the full Board. Otherwise to fill vacancies the Avatar General or Global Commander General shall call for volunteers from all Generals who shall compete for worthiness to take command positions and be subject to a non-binding popular vote of all other GENERALS. To be elected one must pass a vote of no-confidence by 3/4 of the existing Board, as well as win the 50% trust margin of the popular vote of all ranking GENERALS.  Any sitting General on the Board can be replaced for cause by a 75% majority vote of the full Board if approved by the Avatar General or Global Commander General.

Section 3: TERMS AND COMPENSATION.  All members of the Board of Director Generals shall, like all members of the EMPIRICAL ORDER AND EMPIRICAL CHURCH, be limited to employment by the ORDER OR CHURCH at a minimum wage equivalent income, salaried at 40 hours a week, and this income and any extra income from any and all investments shall be subject to the mandatory 50% donation standard, such that we all agree to share our productive gains at 50/50 with God all the way, in every way, all the time. And any member who joins the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY, AND SO, THE EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN, must donate 50% of their collective wealth, and promise to maintain that 50/50 standard of giving unto the lord or they cannot be allowed to hold any level of rank above a PRIVATE who generally must be a volunteer. 

Section 4: EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, OFFICER AND DUTIES. An Executive Committee shall be formed from no more than nine officers generally (up to 32) forming a main leadership committee, consisting of the Avatar General and or Global Commander General, Logistics General, Treasurer General, Construction General, Production General, Environment General, and entertainment General. 
 Their duties are as follows.
 The Avatar General shall oversee all religious matters and efforts and must perform the duties of each officer until one is trained and promoted to the rank of General and elected to the Board of Directors, and convenes monthly scheduled Board meetings and shall preside over or arrange for other Board members to preside over each meeting and committee in the following order of rank, such that if command personal are absent, leadership shall fall on whom ever is present to command in order of rank. From, Global Commander General to Logistics General, Treasurer General, Construction General, Production General, Environment General, Entertainment General, and then what ever other Board member Generals are present at the time.  
  The Global Commander General (Is elected from the Bulk board members who are Commander Generals in their own nations for the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN) shall empower Commander Generals to chair all formal corporations, and sub corporations formed as BASES and CHURCHES, or organizations of any form in their nation, to ensure long term controls. And the Global Commander General shall vice-chair all committees ON ALL SUBJECTS/PROJECTS and is empowered to recruit his own seven person team of any rank to expand his work potential as Commander and allow him to do his job of serious oversight of all aspects of Church and Order programs, funds and assets to prevent corruption, which is HIS MAIN JOB, to enforce and control all spending to ensure we prevent corruption and waste as much as possible. 
  The Commander Generals  from each nation, each sit also on the Board of Director Generals and have a vote concerning the election of the Global Commander General, and the actions, direction and spending of all funds of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY, and as such keep all nations and ORDERS directly in contact with each other and the church. The Commander General of each nation is empowered to sit as Chair / CEO of all corporations and sub-organizations started and run by the ORDER in each nation.
  The logistics General shall act as SECRETARY and be responsible for keeping records of all Board meetings, actions and decisions including taking of minutes, sending out notices, distributing announcements and materials, and ensuring all records and reports, and that mandatory filings are fulfilled. The logistics General shall also be empowered to chair all asset and resource allocation committees, and is chief record keeper of all assets, and tracks the motions and use of all assets of value and has oversight to determine use parameters of any and all material goods of the Church and it's EMPIRICAL ORDER BASES. 
  The Treasurer General shall be responsible for providing a report at each monthly Board meeting. The Treasurer shall chair all finance committees, assist in all ways in the preparation of the budget, help develop fund raising plans, and make all records available to the Board of Director Generals meetings, and the public by producing a yearly comprehensive report to be published online. The treasurer General shall be empowered to have complete oversight of all records, and is considered in direct command of all Captains everywhere who by job description run all accounting procedures for all BASES and CHURCHES. The Treasurer General is empowered to run audits of any office, training business, organization or corporation run by or affiliated with the Church and Order. Any organization or Church or Order base which refuses to allow for Treasurer audits are subject to immediate dissolution and reorganization or at the very least the loss of all affiliated status. 
  The Construction General shall chair the construction committees for all projects of construction designated by the Board. The Construction General shall work directly with the Logistics General and Treasurer General to fund and supply projects and prevent corruption and waste.
  The Production General shall chair all business oversight committees, and as such watch dog all efforts of training and rehabilitation work programs organized and run by the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN, and EMPIRICAL CHURCHES and to put a stop to non-productive efforts, and promote alternative projects to re-structure all failed efforts into new re-trained goal orientated objectives. The Production General is empowered to drive forward all ranking personnel to literally be productive wether it is work related or the actual production of goods and serves, or training, or education or self improvement charm school class or physical fitness, and works directly with the Environment General and Entertainment General to focus on maximizing the productive growth of all members, not just as workers, but as God's children who deserve and crave to become better everyday, preferably in a pleasant manner, fun if possible.
  The Environment General shall chair all environmental committees and shall have direct command and oversight over all health and safety and security operations, and run oversight of all business training programs from top to bottom and enforces standards and protocols with an iron fist of serious threat of demotion and re-organization for any group or church or base, or affiliated anything who will not completely comply with standards and protocols for cleanliness. cleanliness is next to Godliness, and it will be enforced with   3% Hydrogen Peroxide solutions and abundant scrubbing.
 The Entertainment General shall chair all entertainment and health committees and serve as top level oversight for the over all morale, health and stress of the vast membership body of all sectors, and will make reports directly to the Board, based on studies, surveys, and feedback concerning the overall positive social activities, events, and behavior of various location groups, be them at churches, or ORDER BASES, and will directly be empowered to take action to mandate an increase or reduction in social activity, such as Bar-b-Ques, Dances, movie showings, events, marriages, and celebrations of all kinds as needed to boost the daily entertainment quality of members lives, while still highly regulating consumption and activities to maintain a positive theme and result in an on average and on purpose positive bias for members daily lives. To reduce waste and prevent problems yet make parties possible and safe, and prevent problems due to excess consumption and a lack of discipline, which will then include leading anger management, strength training and martial arts activities for male members who need an outlet for their pent up testosterone fueled rages. As well as generally leading fitness activities, and efforts of motivation for the whole body of members young and old.   Fitness is healthy and generally fun.

Section 5: Vacancies. When a vacancies on the Board exists for one of the Board elected / appointed seven Executive committee positions, then nominations for new members may be received by the Logistics General one month before any possible meeting for consideration of candidates. The Global Commander General shall also put forth a call for volunteers to be drawn from existing Generals of rank in the EMPIRICAL ORDER OF GOD'S CHILDREN, AND FORM A COMPETITIVE LINE OF CANDIDATES of the Board nominated and volunteers for the vacant office. Candidates shall be asked to speak their case of worthiness based on their evidence, words, trustworthiness and leadership potential to get the approval of the Avatar General alone or otherwise the approval of the Global Commander General with 75% approval of the sitting Board members, and will be subject to a popular vote needing a 50% vote of confidence by the mass of ranking member Generals.
  All positions of Board of Director Generals is for life, and do NOT offer any increase in pay/wealth compensation or housing space OF ANY KIND. And nothing extra is ever granted for sitting on more committees or doing more work whatsoever. 
  Board of Director General member status is ONLY granted to those who are deemed worthy and able to exercise vast powers to lead the army of God's children to do vast, great and wondrous things in service to our species and our creator, and help bring forth a glorious future for all of God's children who deserve an awesome future, instead of war and death.   We lead, to lead, not for money.

Section 6:  Resignation, termination and absences.  Resignation from the Board must be in writing and delivered to the Logistics General no less than 72 hours prior to physically leaving office. A Board member shall be dropped from the Board for excess absences if he or she has three unexcused absences from Board meetings in a year.  A Board Member may be terminated for cause if 75% of the Board deem said member unworthy of the holding the position with the consent of the Avatar General or otherwise Global Commander General.
Section 7: Committees.  The Board may create committees as needed, each to be chaired by a General who is appointed by the Avatar General or Global Commander General. The executive committee shall have all powers of the Board of Director Generals during the intervals between meetings and present progress reports to the full Board each month for re-evaluation, re-organizing, pre-planning, and making determinations after research is provided. Powers of the Board of Director Generals shall mean control of the spending of already allotted funds towards specific committees running specific task operations, but shall not include the ability to spend or allot bank held funds. To move forward on any given spending plan requires no less than a 75% majority of the full Board with the approvaL of the Avatar General or Global commander General.  The Board members hold rights to preside over meetings on behalf of the Avatar General, Global Commander General to focus task operations and would then be empowered to run specific committees. 

Section 8: THE BUDGET.  The over all budget of any committee is limited at it's formation and no spending of non-existing funds is allowed, no borrowing, no planned investments used as collateral, and IT MUST BE CLEAR, that if the money does not presently exist to be funded towards a project now, then such funding does not exist and projects must wait until such EXTRA funds are available in the general fund as derived from our general efforts. A budget cannot be planned on what we believe we will have, but on what we actually have now, and we make a prediction of what we hope to be doing next week, next month, next year, and so forth. The budget operations are organized to be week to week, such that if funding shuts down for a given sector for even a day then spending shuts down as well, and clear causes identified, fixed and or otherwise eliminated to resume operations in service to the lord creator. All operations are based on labor, work efforts and cost of living systems, which make it possible for the 50/50 mandate to be agreeable to most members lives, and secure a growth potential and work ethic as fundamental to the mind set of each and every member that ensures long term rapid growth, without debt or borrowing which is forbidden in many religious scriptures for good reason.   Usury may be acceptable in business and between businesses, but not by the church and not in peoples daily lives, and all members are forbidden from taking loans at interest in any form whatsoever once they are members, and if they posess such loans when joining, then they must work to pay them off immediately. No lending, no borrowing, no usury, no debts.  The over all Budget will be managed by the Treasurer General who shall lead a finance committee for this very purpose and provide detailed budget reports and oversight to the Board of Director Generals. All financial quarterly and yearly reports are to be considered public record and made available online on the web site.




Section 1: These BYLAWS may be amended when needed by the Avatar General alone, or a Global commander General with the consent of 100% quorum of the full Board of Director Generals.
Section 2: Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the LOGISTICS GENERAL to be published to all rank members from Seargent to General two weeks before the next monthly Board meeting in order to be addressed on time.

Section 3: Amendments to these BYLAWS are restricted by the following limits which themselves MAY NOT BE AMENDED.
     A) LIMIT ONE : No increase in pay or compensation may be considered, and is set to the nations minimum wage where the paid worker lives, for all workers from PRIVATE to Avatar General. Any who propose to change this cannot serve in command.
     B) LIMIT TWO : No change in the 50/50 rule for standard donations by joining members who donate 50% of their wealth, or live in working members who also donate 50% of their minimum wage salary back to the Church may be allowed. It is 50/50 all the way with God, and any who seek to change this MUST be removed from command.
     C) LIMIT THREE : No change may be made to funding restrictions, and anyone who promotes funding anything other than EMPIRICAL ORDER BASES, or EMPIRICAL CHURCHES, MOSQUES OR TEMPLES must be immediately removed from command positions. No funding of outside organizations who are not fully affiliated ORDER AND CHURCH GROUPS and who follow and use EMPIRICAL payroll restrictions for their leaders.
     D) No changes made to the standard rule for contracting with outside specialists for any construction or MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS shall be allowed and contracting may only be by an open bidding process and limited to contractors who will hire and make exclusive use of Church and ORDER personnel in any and all projects as general and or skilled labor.
     E) No amendments to the use of the standard nine to thirty two member leadership committee may be passed, nor amendments to grant any one Commander General or their representatives any powers which are not granted and immediately removable by the executive leadership committee who are appointed for life. 


These BYLAWS are approved by a meeting of the Board of Director Generals of the EMPIRICAL CHURCH OF HUMANITY.